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Introducing 'Juggling Glitter'

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Welcome to Example Dance Academy and in particular welcome to my blog - 'Juggling Glitter'.

It seemed an apt title as, for a dancer and business owner, it describes exactly what I do.

Example Dance Academy is truly a lifelong dream of mine - to create a dance studio that focuses not only on quality dancing but also ensures that every dancer learns exactly what they want, when they want. From beginners social classes and sequence dancing to competitive ballroom and latin, whether you want to be in the spotlight or just enjoy a quiet glide around the floor, there is something for everyone! Our children's academy also provides a perfect place for children and young adults to develop their skills, socialise, keep fit and most of all have fun in many genres of dance.

Through this blog I aim to keep you up to date with Example Dance Academy but also my thoughts on life both dance and business related and everything that goes with it. Afterall, aren't all dancers juggling glitter at some point?

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Emma x

Example Dance Academy Principal

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