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Entry 1 - Let's Start to 'Lead by Example'

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Wow what a fabulous four months we have had!

There are many famous quotes I could use to explain what led to our new home at the very beautiful Carleton Memorial Hall, but I have to be honest the most obvious one was "if not now, when?". I took that quite literally - it was now or never and so within a month Example went from the fairytale dream of a young dancer, to here, our new home; a hall with a stunning real ballroom floor (reclaimed from the beautiful Princess Ballroom) and a gorgeous air conditioned studio. We really are truly very lucky. We even have bespoke mirrors being designed in the not too distant future.

If we can get this far so soon then surely one day the ultimate dream of our very own personal studio is only a quickstep away (pun fully intended!).

In just a few short months our private lesson slots are booked up and word is getting out about our classes. We've even done our first workshop, wedding dances, flash mob and our first inspirational talk for schools. I am still pinching myself! Also, possibly most importantly, Maestro the studio dog has settled in well in his role as mascot! I think after the whirlwind I can finally begin to breathe. But that in no way means I am about to slow down and take it easy - this is just the beginning and time to move on to my next step...

I myself have both upcoming Licentiate and Fellowship exams to add to my collection as well as some amazing affiliations (fingers crossed). I'm so lucky that my career has led me to some dizzying heights and invaluable experience. You can't pay for that but now it's time to knuckle down and gain even more certificates - in fact as I type this it's midnight and I'm studying whilst dancing round my living room in my bare feet. That's my love for dance - after all, if I can't 'Lead by Example', who will?

As I mentioned in the introduction to this blog, I always wanted to focus on you the individual and your style of dancing, whether that is social, competitive, fun or serious. Your lessons are about you - not a set lesson plan, YOUR lesson plan!

It would therefore be remiss of me before the weeks go on and I start my random ramblings, to not thank the people who really set the Example.

I am lucky to have amazing family and I have had some incredible coaches in my time and some truly inspirational friends along the way. One in particular helped me follow my dream but there will be more on that in a later blog I'm sure. After all, following your dream is the natural progression to Leading by Example.

However, Example would not be here without my amazing right hand man Charlotte who literally keeps me alive by making sure I eat, remembers all of my kit and copes with all of my crazy demands. I may have been mistaken for her mum but she's definitely our studio mum and one day I know she will make a fabulous teacher.

My coaches both up here and in London. I won't name you but to have two former world champions supporting me is more than any teacher could dream of.

Lastly...YOU...yes you, the one reading this. Whether you're the student who travels miles simply for a lesson, the student who believed in me when I first opened the doors, whether you're just reading the blog, liking our page or simply following up on Instagram - I know without you...I'm just a dancer in a hall but with you and because of all of you, we are well and truly Leading by Example.

Emma x

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