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While Covid and multiple lockdowns put the brakes on for many in the dance and performing arts industry, this did not stop Example Dance Academy's Principal Emma Gill who decided to use the time to write and produce a musical!

Full Circle is a jukebox musical featuring hit musical songs to reflect the lives of three women, joined together by a history of child theatre.
All with different dreams, 20 years later they are thrown back together and realise that the person you knew as a child is not necessarily the adult they became and that your dreams are not always what they seemed to be through the eyes of a child.
Thrown together for one more show, written by them, about them; strengths shift and childhood feuds are faced. It’s time for the show to come FULL CIRCLE. 

All proceeds from the musical will be donated to Save The Arts UK and Sepsis Trust UK.

Full Circle will be performed at Oswaldtwistle Civic Theatre on Wednesday 22nd June - Friday 24th June.

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Full Circle

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